Are we crazy?

We were in the market for a new RV this spring. After checking out many Kijiji ads, I came across one for a really cool looking vehicle called the Travco.

I’d never heard of this vehicle before, but its sleek retro lines intrigued me. The more I researched, the more I discovered how special the Dodge Travco was. There are enthusiasts all over North America and they have gatherings, online forums, Facebook pages and more. I’ve connected with two other enthusiasts already, and have discovered we got on of the last Travcos made in Brown, Michigan, before production moved to Texas.

We found our 27 foot 1975 Travco in the bush near Algonquin Park, Ontario, in the middle of black fly season. It is moving for the first time in seven years on Monday, June 29. We will give it some much needed TLC and tuning up, and of course decorating. We plan on making it as period as possible (without anything disco – Hate Disco).

I scored the mother lode of avocado green Tupperware at a yard sale recently, and have scoured thrift shops for anything in Harvest Gold, Avocado, Burnt Orange or Chocolate. The toughest stuff to find is macramé. I did find some old how to books.I may have a go at it myself. As well, when we journey with our Travco, we will definitely check out flea markets and yard sales. I checked on eBay, but this stuff we thought of as our parents/grandparents junk is fetching collectible prices!

We will post updates, trials, tribulations and anything else involving our new home on wheels as things progress.

Stay tuned for an adventure!


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