Bit of a wash-up

Cleaned what we could reach. Looking better.
Cleaned what we could reach. Looking better.

People have been stopping in to ooh and aah at our 1975 Travco at JC Automotive in Picton. Most of the comments were along the line of “It would be so cool if it weren’t so dirty!”

Embarrassed, I assembled a crew and brought out the scrub brushes. Four of us labored for an hour and a half to scrape and rub eight years of forest debris, lichen and moss off the sides of the Travco. Our son had more fun spraying us with the hose, prompting me after a shot of ice water in the chest to ask his stepdad “Why did I have him?” to which the boy replied “You were drunk!” Little comedian.

The scrubbing gave us a chance took the chassis over more closely. There’s only one small repair needed to the fiberglass, but the underside has a lot of rust. But don’t we all once we reach a certain age?

The mechanic promised he’d get her started Monday. I can’t wait to hear the engine come to life.

My husband has banned me from yard sales and second hand stores. He thinks I have picked up more retro Tupperware than we could ever use. I’ve told him I still need a piece of string art and a macramé wall hanging – preferably an owl.

I’ll leave you with a photo of our somewhat cleaned up Travco. The roof is still filthy as we didn’t have a ladder. We realize cleaning the roof will make the sides dirty again, but it felt good to do something with the RV.


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