I’ve got those low down, where’s my windshield, shipping department blues

Image courtesy toonpool.com
Image courtesy toonpool.com

My head hurts.

I spent two hours attempting to locate the replacement windshield for the Travco.

The shipment was sent out from Duncan systems Inc. in Elkhart, Indiana, on July 20. It arrived at Canadian customs at Pearson Airport, Toronto, on July 31. It’s been sitting there in limbo ever since.

The broker processed the shipment, billed me and I paid the necessary fees last week. UPS was to have delivered the windshield August 4. It didn’t arrive.

I tried to track the parcel online. The website would not accept the tracking number that was on the broker’s invoice. I phoned UPS. The first person I talked to said the parcel was classified “freight” and I had to call a different UPS department. I called that department. The person who answered my call did not recognize the tracking number either. They told me to call the broker.

After an hour and a half the person at the brokerage discovered that UPS dropped the ball and had not accepted and processed the package when it arrived at the airport. My windshield has been sitting in a warehouse in Toronto since July 31 waiting for delivery, and the installer at JC Automotive has been waiting as well.

The broker gave me a direct line phone number to Ramesh, the UPS representative at the airport, and I’m hoping he will call me back and get this sorted out. The phone tag has been very frustrating, but I have to say Kudos to every business I have dealt with so far. No one kept me on hold very long, and everyone I spoke to sincerely tried to help me.

Good news on August 10 – the glass arrived at JC Automotive. The mechanics started working on the Travco’s brakes the next day, but everything’s ceased pretty tight. It’s going to take awhile for the brake job. Meanwhile, we are now waiting on the glass installer. They aren’t available until August 18.

We’ve pretty much given up on getting out camping this season. We will be happy to get the Travco certified, cleaned and ready to go for 2016. Inch by inch, we’re getting there.


4 thoughts on “I’ve got those low down, where’s my windshield, shipping department blues

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    1. Joanne Fralick

      I sure hope so!. It’s been nine weeks and the only progress is the window installation, and it was done by a sub-contractor. The garage itself has done nothing but take the brakes apart and bitch about not finding parts.

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