First step complete

The installer from SWE Auto Glass cleaning up the gasket on the new windshield.
The installer from SWE Auto Glass cleaning up the gasket on the new windshield.

Finally a bit of encouragement. The new windshield has been installed in our Travco.

The installer chose to work with the original gasket instead if using new material. He said that in his experience, the old stuff is still better than the modern material.

This is the first thing completed since we towed the Travco to Picton from near Algonquin Park at the end of June. I’ve been trying to source brake parts for the past eight weeks, with no luck. We were really looking forward to getting on the road once before having to think about winterizing, but it’s not looking good.

I have to be patient. I know the end result will be well worth the effort.


5 thoughts on “First step complete

  1. Pat Greig

    Have enjoyed looking at your pics, quite a change, looking good. If we are Picton will look you up, where are you? Would have loved to go to the show in Warkworth, but did not know about it, so much for advertising, we live 10 minutes from there. Looking forward to more news….Pat


    1. Joanne Fralick

      Thanks Pat. Hope to have more restoration news in a couple weeks. I’ll email you our address and phone number. Love to meet up! Do you have a trailer or RV?


    1. Joanne Fralick

      I’ve heard we’re going to have a rough winter again in Ontario. Two years ago we had a power outage and no heat for 2 days. I want the Travco to at least have the LP Gas certified so if necessary we can stay warm in an emergency.


      1. Here’s hoping you don’t need to worry about any cold weather emergencies this winter (and the predictions on winter are wrong).

        Our new house has a pellet burning stove. If it’s going to be cold your way, I suspect those of us here in the Upper Midwest are going to be cold as well. I may well be happy to have that come December!


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