Frustrating, exasperating, maddening day

I do not need another day like today for a long time.

Things started out normally enough. The morning went quite well in fact. Got up, fed everyone breakfast, husband took dog for a walk and did dishes. So far so good.

Went out for groceries and stopped afterward for a coffee break. Still no problems. A good day.

After lunch all heck broke loose. Paid up our Travco restoration account at our local garage. Was surprised to see the sub-contracted glass installer charged $350 for two hours’ work. And we still have no word on when or if we will be getting brake parts before the snow flies.

I loaded up my husband and son and took an afternoon drive to Great Canadian Oil Change in Trenton. I’ve used these people for the past six years and have never had an issue.

Until today.

Along with the oil change, the technician noted we had a slow leak in a tire. Then he talked me into replacing the fuel filter. On the way home, I smelled raw gasoline, and the car was sluggish when I hammered the gas pedal.

We stopped at Gus’s diner on Picton’s Main Street for fries and a pop. When we came out a half hour later, there was a large puddle of gasoline under the car. I got it started and drove straight to JC Automotive with a trail of gasoline following me.

At JC Automotive one of their mechanics took a quick look underneath. Great Canadian Oil Change did not reconnect the fuel line after changing the filter and gasoline was being pumped right out onto the ground. I lost around $40 in gas, but the worst thing is we could have had an explosion.

The day isn’t over yet.

At home I realized it is garbage night. I opened the trash can to affix a bag tag (we pay an extra fee per bag for garbage pickup here). Upon opening the lid, I was greeted with a seething, slimy mass of fly maggots. I pulled the garbage bag out, double-bagged it and dragged it out to the curb. Hopefully the skunks won’t get into it tonight. Then I washed out the garbage can, doused the maggots with boiling water and left the can to dry overnight. Tomorrow I will spray it with pesticide before putting in a new liner.

While I was busy attending to the mass of maggots, I inadvertently left the back door to the house open and the dog escaped. She’s a terrier and can run like the wind. My husband and son caught up to her eventually. Better them than me at that point. I may have done something regrettable.

Now I’m trying to get my head together and relax before another very busy and expensive day tomorrow. My son is getting assessed for braces. Or should I say “brace$$$$$$”

And when this started, all I wanted to do was go camping in a cool, unique motor home.


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