Summer’s end roundup

Well, it’s all over. September has begun, my son goes back to school next Tuesday and there is one last long weekend left.

But we are still not camping.

It appears our Travco restoration will take us through the winter and into early spring 2016. We have been stuck on the brakes (no  pun intended) since we bought the vehicle June 26 of this year. Finally this week my connections introduced me to Geoff – aka The Brake God – at Alretta Truck Parts in Massachusetts. He provided us with the correct parts and detailed instructions on how to complete the brake job. Our first major hurdle should be over by the end of September if not sooner.

We have missed out on camping this year, but the summer hasn’t been a total loss. We kept busy with local day trips to the Sandbanks beach nearby, and did a couple special mini-vacations. The new Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto was impressive and we highly recommend it to anyone with or without children. We spent a full day there marveling at the sea life.

Yesterday we travelled two hours northwest to the Petroglyphs Park and the Indian River Reptile Zoo near Peterborough, Ontario. The Petroglyphs site is between 600-1,200 years old, and is a well preserved collection of Ojibwa rock carvings. The site is recognized  as a religious site by modern natives, and out of respect, no photography of the carvings is permitted.

The reptile zoo was fun for my husband and son, but honestly it made me nervous. I am not a snake fan, and they had plenty of them there, from pit vipers to pythons and every toxic species in between. They were all safely behind glass, and I did photograph several but even looking at the photos gives me chills.

I liked watching the tortoises munching grass, and the animatronic dinosaur display was really something. Life-sized dinosaurs snapping their jaws and roaring while children laughed and reached up to try to touch the robots was quite a sight!

The reptile zoo recently added a new building to house a special collection. They participated in the rescue of 150 adult crocodiles from a residence in the Toronto area. Yes, somebody had these animals in their home in the city! Even more surprising is the animals were healthy and well cared for when handed over. The identity and location of the individual has been kept quiet, as the rescuers felt it was more important to save the animals than risk losing them through prosecuting their owner who gave them up willingly.

It has been a quiet summer for us, but it has been a learning experience as well. Of course we are way over budget on the Travco restoration, but we will persevere. I have come up with a plan for the winter months when snow and frost will prevent any further progress. I plan on knitting new curtains to replace the sun-rotted original ones. We will see how that goes. Should keep me busy for weeks.

Tortoise at the Reptile Zoo
Tortoise at the Reptile Zoo
Just like Jurassic Park!
Just like Jurassic Park!

One thought on “Summer’s end roundup

  1. That dinosaur pic cracks me up!

    Also, good luck with the restoration over the winter – you are far braver than me, attempting brake work. I’m sure when you do get out, it will be even sweeter because of the wait (or at least you will be really, really ready to finally get out!).


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