Keep your eyes open

You miss so much when you don’t pay attention.

The three of us (myself, son and husband) attended the annual model railroad show in our hometown of Picton, Ontario on Saturday. A fellow model train enthusiast stopped to talk to us.

“Are you going over to see the garden railroad?” he said.

We’ve gone to the model trail show for at least six years running, but never bothered with the garden-scale train event. Honestly, I never really made an effort to go find the place.

I found out the owner of the garden railroad lived only a few kilometers from my house. On Sunday we made the effort and attended the open house. Am I ever glad I did.

The owner, a retired farmer, has transformed his backyard into a microcosm of a functional rail system. Trains chuff along the tracks, over handmade trestles and miniature farmsteads. The entire display is landscaped. As you walk around the display you begin to notice subtle details – the live koi pond, tiny bears in the woods. A miniature man fly fishing, tiny rock climbers, an eyrie of owlets on a cliff.

I have lived in this community for six years and had no idea this wonderland existed so close to my door. It goes to show you don’t have to travel far to see wonderful, special things. Pay attention to your surroundings and keep your eyes open.

Miniature eagle with her nest of chicks
Miniature eagle with her nest of chicks
Strike up the band!
Strike up the band!
Across the trestle
Across the trestle
Guests enjoying the display
Guests enjoying the display

2 thoughts on “Keep your eyes open

  1. Joanne Fralick

    Hi Pat:

    The railroad is at Evergreen Farm on Sandy Hook Road, south of County Road 1 near Picton. As far as I know the owner does the public open house every model railroad show weekend which is the third weekend of September. I bet he wouldn’t mind if you dropped in for a brief visit. It is a wonder!



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