The Halloween Grinch

My husband as King Diamond and myself - a child of the 60s before a party this past weekend.
My husband as King Diamond and myself – a child of the 60s before a party this past weekend.

We’ve all heard about the Grinch who stole Christmas, but Dr. Seuss’s green ghoul is more at home in my neighborhood on Halloween.

This is the only place I’ve lived where people decorate their houses and put out pumpkins, but don’t participate in Halloween night. Several of these put up lights and blow-up decorations weeks before October 31. Many of them have children who carve pumpkins and put them on the porch for all to see Halloween night while they dress up and go door to door themselves.

But their own houses are dark. Drapes drawn and doors locked tight. No handouts for anyone from these kids’ families.

I can accept homeowners not participating in the Halloween candy begging festival. I don’t think it is fair for people to prepare their house for the event, then offer nothing to the children. I have even less regard for families who let their children go out trick or treating while giving no candy to the other trick-or-treaters.

My husband on candy duty.
My husband on candy duty.

We had a great time Halloween night. My son dressed as a Star Trek character (gold shirt – not red – the red shirt guys get killed too often, he says). He got enough candy for me to dole it out over the next month, a few pieces at a time. We decorated our home with pumpkins and orange lights and handed out treats to around 110 children. We saw lots of creative and original costumes, and plenty of ninja Turtles and Disney princesses too.

Our Trekkie son.
Our Trekkie son.

Even when we camp, we try to visit a campground for their “Halloween in Summer” event. Everybody dresses in costume, decorates their trailers and hands out treats to the kids. Some places even have decorating and costume contests.

Am I being too cynical about Halloween? Do people in your neighborhood decorate their homes, but don’t give out candy? Do you? I’d like to hear your opinion and experience where you live.


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