What if I get sick?

I’ve had a miserable week.

I was scheduled for a routine medical test last Friday. When I got to the hospital I informed the doctor and anesthetist I had a head cold. They assured me it wouldn’t be an issue.

It was. When I came around after the procedure, my lungs felt heavy and I was wheezing. Before the procedure my chest was clear. None of the medical staff seemed concerned, and believed the congestion would go away in 24 hours.

It didn’t.

On Sunday I spent all day in the emergency department going from a ventilator to the X-Ray department for chest images. The X-Ray revealed a mass on my left lung, either an infection or possibly a partial collapse.

I received two prescriptions and a puffer to keep my passages clear, and I’ve booked a follow-up appointment with my family doctor in a week. I’ve been fortunate to be able to rest in bed while my retired husband takes care of the daily household duties – with reminders and instructions from me, of course.

Plenty of we RV’ers are getting into the lifestyle because we are close to or already retired. We have lots of spark left in us, but we can’t deny we aren’t in our 20’s anymore. Many of us have ongoing health issues that we treat with regular medications, but no one can predict the future.

I am assuming most of my readers understand the basics of travelling a distance. Have enough of your medications to do for the entire trip. Take out sufficient travel insurance. With cell phones and the internet, it is easy to stay in touch with family and friends to give them updates on how you are doing so they know you are alright.

All that said I couldn’t imagine having a medical emergency and being a long way from home. I’ve travelled in many countries and enjoyed all my experiences, luckily in good health. It would be very hard for me to handle being laid up in hospital due to an unforeseen accident.

I am not assuming wherever I may go would have inadequate medical facilities or professionals. It’s the overwhelming helplessness I’d feel. In a place where you know no one, maybe don’t speak the language, and are possibly in pain. And afterwards, how will you get home?

How would you cope? What can you and your travel mate do to make things easier? I’d like to hear some of your ideas and experiences with travel and illness, both positive and negative.




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