Monday, Monday

Monday attacked me full force.

It was a Murphy’s Law day. A nothing can go right day. A migraine creating, I don’t want to play this anymore day.

It started late Sunday afternoon when I heard a knock at the door. There stood a girl and boy around age six. The girl had a black kitten in her arms.

Boo. Age 12-14 weeks.

“Is this your kitty?” she asked.

I have four cats, a dog and a hamster in the house. This wasn’t one of mine.

“I’m going to take the kitty home and name him Shadow. My mom’s going to let me keep him.”

Recalling how this scenario usually plays out, I told the kids “If mom won’t let you keep the kitty, bring him back here and I’ll keep him safe.”

A half hour later, another knock at the door. There were the kids, looking dejected.

“Mom said no more cats. We already have one,” said the girl, looking up at me with her sad blue eyes. “Can I bring him in?”

I let the kids and kitten in, and called my husband downstairs to tell him the story. We showed the kids our cats in the house so they felt better about leaving the kitten with people who liked cats. With a promise that they could come back to check on the kitten, the kids left.

The other four cats were not happy with this situation. The dog went into a jealous sulk. The cats hissed and growled while the kitten explored. Two hours later the dog pooped on the carpet.

Monday morning things got worse. The cats continued to crab about the new addition. The kitten found my son’s hamster cage and tried to eat the hamster – almost succeeding. The dog’s digestive system was now completely out of whack. She had explosive diarrhea, messing herself, the carpet, the bedspread I just had dry cleaned and the couch.

After cleaning everything thoroughly, including the dog, I took a couple photos of the kitten to post on a local lost and found pets site. Before I could upload them the phone rang. The truck centre we took the Travco to for final chassis work before certification couldn’t find the Travco’s keys. The tow truck driver was supposed to have dropped off the Travco, keys and some schematics at this garage the day before.

Up to now the keys remained in the Travco’s ignition. The drive shaft was out so it wasn’t going anywhere. I called the tow truck driver. He didn’t see the keys. The welder didn’t have them. Then I checked our key rack at the front door. There hung the Travco keys.

I re-copied all the materials, put the keys in my purse, drove 40 minutes to the truck centre, dropped off the keys and information and drove home to find my husband in bed, shivering and sweating. He had come down with a really bad cold.

The house hasn’t fallen down yet. I spent $30 on Lexan yesterday to kitten-proof the hamster cage. My husband is still sick, and no one has called to claim the kitten.

We’re calling the little guy Boo, as the first time I saw him outside was Halloween night. He is settling in very well, but he hasn’t completely won over the other cats or the dog. I’m hoping he will like to travel with us when we get the Travco on the road in 2016.

By the way, I’m still one cat away from being the Crazy Cat Lady.





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