Thinking spring

Last weekend Girl Camp Canada held their annual winter camp-out. Members from across the country spent the night in their trailers. Some went all out and parked their trailers outdoors, others visited their campers in storage, staying overnight while the camper was still under a tarp.

I wish I could have participated. The Travco is still in for mechanical repairs. What’s worse, the window of free time the RV centre gave us for electrical and water system work is closing fast. If the Travco isn’t delivered to them soon, they will be prepping for the 2016 RV shows and it will be many months before they will have the time needed to give this old bus a proper going over.

I’ve already had a couple disappointments before the 2016 camping season even starts. Every summer, Travco owners go to a meet in Brown City, Michigan, where the vehicle was manufactured. I was so looking forward to meeting fellow fans and learning about our vintage 1975 Travco 270. But the event has been cancelled.

Another big car show event is planned in London, Ontario, and some Travco owners are attending. It’s June 4-5. That’s the only weekend this year I have a commitment to work. And there’s no way I can get out of it.

I’m hoping we will get our Travco on the road this summer. And, we will attend an event some time soon. Camping is too much fun to miss another whole season.



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