Bigger? Better?

I’m very disappointed.

We tried to attend the largest weekly car show in our area last night. We have shown the Travco at two Belleville, Ontario Cruise Nights this summer.  The venue is fun – a large mall parking lot beside an A&W restaurant – and the public enjoyed seeing something different.

Of course, we love showing off our 1974 270. We’ve done some work on the interior since acquiring Lucky Seven in Wisconsin this past June. The Travco is starting to show her ‘70s charm with a swag lamp over the dinette, beading on the curtains, and lots of orange, brown and beige accents.


The public seemed to enjoy seeing Lucky Seven as well. Part of the appeal is they can step inside our time capsule and look around. Show cares are beautiful, but there’s a strict rule of “Don’t get too close and do NOT touch”. We invite everyone into our rolling retreat, happy to answer questions and spread the word of how special the Travco RV and our fellow Travco lovers are.

This is not the case anymore in Belleville. As we pulled into the show lot, the lot manager came over to my window. “You’ll have to park in an auxiliary lot. You take up two spaces so there’s no room for you here.” Meanwhile, the lot was not only half empty, there were more than one non-vintage vehicle taking up show car spaces.

We had no intention of relegating our Travco to a side parking lot separated from the show by a double driveway. We brought Lucky Seven home, where we found messages waiting for us from the Trenton car club, inviting us to two shows this weekend along with their regular show in downtown Trenton where they very kindly make a point to save extra space for Lucky Seven.

Bigger is not necessarily better. The big car show in Belleville has become an elitist old boys’ club and they made it rudely obvious they don’t want anyone new involved that might take attention from their usual exhibitors. Sadly, it reflects poorly on their host, the A&W on whose parking lot they hold the show.

We will continue to show our Travco throughout eastern Ontario. We enjoy the attention our “big girl” gets at shows, and when driving around. Anyone who owns one of these vintage beauties will understand how it offends us when someone doesn’t share our vision. Maybe we should hold a vintage RV rally at this same A&W and show some people what a real vintage vehicle show is all about.

What do you think?